Zip line in Panajachel

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Zip lines in Panajachel

Enjoy an ecotourism adventure that takes place on Lake Atitlan, this is a journey that is done in a nature reserve through coffee plantations, hanging bridges, waterfalls, small zoo, butterfly to get on top of the mountain where we find line there begin our adventure and feel the adrenaline with zip line that take us from one extreme to another flying over the trees to split off at the floor where the adventure begins. Ultra ends start at a stretch that crosses the valley to a viewpoint of the lake. The second flight of 850 meters. it takes your breath away with a wonderful view of the lake, volcanoes and cliffs of the old boiler Atitlán. Hanging on the slope, the back stretch to 860 meters offers a magnificent view of Panajachel. The fourth tranche of 80 m through the forest of oak, connects with sections 6, 7 and 8 of the X-Tremos Cables to complete the tour of 2380 m in length. And feel the adrenaline pumping .

This is an adventure of 2 hours and a half starting in Panajachel and Panajachel during the tour you will have to cross 7 different wires reaching measure 840 meters longer.

  • Departures:08:30, 10:30 , 12:30 , 14:30
  • What to bring:Sunblock,confortable shoes
  • Price75 dollars per person