Private transportation in Guatemala and central America

For you confortable we also can offer private transportation and shuttle service

If you going to travel with your family friends or in group we can offer you a private transportation to go in differents part of Guatemala and central america.
we have private transportion for 2 people, for family of 5 people, transport for 10 people, transport for 15 people, transport for 25 people

Shuttle service every day

We are a travel agency that works throughout Guatemala and Central America offering collective transportation services in: Guatemala City, Antigua, Panajachel, Flores, Tikal, Lanquin, Coban, Quetzaltenango, Monterrico, Chichicastenango

Shuttle service from Guatemala city to:

Shuttle from Guatemala city to Antigua : 06:00 11:00 14:00

Shuttle from Guatemala city  to Panajachel:  06:0 11:00  14:00

Shuttle from Guatemala city  to San Cristobal mex. : 04:00 conection  in Antigua

Solo se recoge la gente las zonas 09, 10, 13 y aeropuerto

Shuttle service from Antigua  to:

from Antigua to Guatemala city: 04:00   08:00 12:30  15:00  18:00
From Antigua to Panajachel: 05:30  08:00 12:30  16:00

Shuttle from Antigua to Chichicastenango: 08:00 (markets days)
Shuttle from Panajachel to San Cristrobal mex.: 05:30
Shuttle from Antigua to Monterico, Paredon, Lanquin:08:00
Shuttle from ANtigua to quetzaltenango: 08:00

Shuttle service from Panajachel city to:

Shuttle from Panajachel to Antigua: 05:00 09:00 12:00 16:00
Shuttle from Panajachel to Guatemala city 05:00 09:00 12:00 16:00
Shuttlefrom Panajachel to Lanquin and Coban: 08:00
Shuttle from Panajachel to Quetzaltenango: 06:30

Shuttle from Panajachel to Chichicastenango 08:00 markets day
Shuttle from Panajachel to elParedon and Monterrico, 05:30
Panajachel to San cristobal mexico: 06:30

Shuttle from Quetzaltenanago to:

Shuttle from Quetzaltenango to Panajachel, 08:00
Shuttle from Quetzaltenango to Antigua 08:00

Shuttle from Quetzaltenango to San Cristrobal Mex. 08:00

Shuttle from Chichicastenango:

Shuttle from Chichicastenango to Panajachel: 14:00
Shuttle from Chichicastenango to Anrtigua 14:00

Shuttle from Chichicastenango to Quetzaltenango 14:00

Shuttle from San cristobal  to:

Viv We have shuttle service from San cristobal to Panajachel, Antigua, Guatemala city. ask for the schedule

If you need more information please contact us

Shuttle service from Lanquin to:

Shuttle from Lanqun to flores: 08.00
shuttle from Lanquin to Antigua 08:00

Shuttle from Lanquin to Panajachel 08:00


Tours from Gutemala

AIf you going to stay for a few time in Guatemala we can arrange tours and shutttle to lake.


Tours from Antigua

from Antigua  we can offer you tour in Atitlan in one day kayaking, biking or visit villages

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Tours around lake Atitlan

round the lake   we offer you differents kind of tour in one day combined with shuttle and tours

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Lake atitlan one day from Antigua

from Antigua we have shuttle to Panajachel where you combined with tours around the lake

Atitlan one day from Guatemala city

From Guatemala city we can offer you a private transportatio to Panajachel