Cultural tours around the lake

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Boat tour visiting villages

This tour is to visit the most important and colorfull village that there are around the lake (San Marcos, San Juan, San Pedro and Santiago) in the villages you can see, coffee production, handicrafts, typical markets, colonial churches, manufactures of traditional dress, natural dye, ceramics, handmade paintings, panoramic views, enjoy traveling by boat passing through volcanoes knowing culture and traditions of the towns .

The tour is to go by boat from Panajachel and takes you to the town of San Juan La Laguna there the captain of the boat will give you an hour and then returned to the boat and take you to another town (San Pedro) in this town will also have an hour to see the place and then return to the boat to continue the journey to Santiago Atitlan in this town you will have one hour and thirty minutes and then return, recommend eating in Santiago Atitlan, and then return to Panajachel.