Biking tour around the lake

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Biking around the lake Atitlan

OPtion one: This is a journey that is made from Panajachel where a boat will take us in one of the villages of the lakeside there begin our bicycle tour through the villages of San Marcos, San Pablo, San Juan, and ended up in San Pedro. During the tour you will have the opportunity to enjoy of beautiful landscapes visit to small associations of women working natural dyes , visiting the best beach in Atitlan. This tour lasts a total of 3 hours cycling on a 7 mile ride through dirt roads and paved com finding small hills so it is recommended to have experience in cycling .

Option two: In this option you bigins the tour from Panajachel where we go to the bus station then the bus will take you to the top of the hill on Lake Atitlan where your journey begins cycling begins at the top of the lake and you will be able to make travel between dirt roads and paved road until reach the lakeshore. In this adventure you go through the towns of San Andres, Godinez, agua escondida, San Antonio, Santa Catarina and ends in Panajachel..